terça-feira, 27 de novembro de 2012

inflatable god

the instruction manual on the shelf
discount the unnecessary parts
and how much imagination wasted
lack of charisma and weak of character
the radioactive energy transformed into dust
in the lead up to the eternal salvation
among unfinished dreams and rubble piles
it was safe and not so cold
the world shattered into pieces
i wonder how i got here
never through the long way
it is much longer
and we are too tired to walk
but there are shortcuts
and some tips on how to get further
but they do not explain a lot
so the best thing to do
sit back and wait for the sky to fall on our heads
and all our prayers on an inflatable God
with rubber fingers
and bad ways
to sit down at the table
it all crashes to the ground
the floor is the limit
and there we will sleep and love all the rest
because not much would be left after all

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